• Rock Collection III - Scott Cooper

    Moon Collective

  • Artist: Scott Cooper
    Title: Rock Collection III
    Medium: Ink on Paper
    Size: 8x11 in

    Scott J Cooper is a painter from the SF Bay Area, and studied art at the University of Oregon. He started his career designing skateboard graphics and editing skate videos for Thrasher Magazine before he began to focus on his own art. He lives and works now in Copenhagen, Denmark, where his painted work has been influenced by Danish culture and 20th century modernist figurative painters. Still lifes and the female figure are common themes in his work, an homage to a classic painting tradition but with a new approach. Abstract patterns, bold colours, and seductive realism all working together in the same composition. Scott's work has been shown internationally in Europe and in the US. 

    WEB: scottjcoop.tumblr.com
    IG: @scooper101

    If you any any questions about this artist or this piece, please feel free to email us at info@moon-collective.com. Artwork will be wrapped safely when shipped. 
  • $300.00


Moon Collective is a brand inspired by folklore, art, skating and the Moon. Psychedelic Research describes the way we choose to explore the parallel realms between our inner-selves and everyday reality.



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