Moon Collective x In4mation Nu'uanu

We recently collaborated with our old friends at In4mation. The goal was to create a shop tee for the beloved Chinatown shop location. It's one of our first accounts and a place where we held various art shows and have made good memories. If you're in Honolulu check out In4mation Nu'uanu for our most recent long sleeves and tees. We made a small batch, so we hope you all can grab one. Much love and appreciation, thank you. 

In4mation Nu'uanu

1154 Nuuanu Ave,
Honolulu, HI 96817

Photo Credit:

Melanie Tjoeng
Malisa Kuch


Moon Collective is a brand inspired by folklore, art, skating and the Moon. Psychedelic Research describes the way we choose to explore the parallel realms between our inner-selves and everyday reality.



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