Hound & Quail

For our past winter season 2014, Melanie and I curated a photo shoot in the new Hound & Quail located in Chinatown, Honolulu. As someone who is always looking for inspiration, this shop is a gem. You'll find items ranging from perfectly aged American flags, mysterious painted portraits, to the bones of unrecognizable creatures. I knew this would be a lovely backdrop to our shoot. Many thanks to our good pals Travis and Mark for having us.

"Welcome to our shop and gallery in Honolulu called Hound and Quail. Started in early 2011 by Mark Pei and Travis Flazer. We are the former owners of Area, a mid-century furniture shop in Honolulu’s chinatown. H & Q is a place where we collect vintage and unusual items from Hawaii, the mainland, and around the world. Inspired by the small shops of Tokyo and Amsterdam, it’s a cozy place to browse the unusual. The Outpost is our basement event space used for art shows, wine and art classes, and a variety of amazing shows." - Hound & Quail.


Moon Collective is a brand inspired by folklore, art, skating and the Moon. Psychedelic Research describes the way we choose to explore the parallel realms between our inner-selves and everyday reality.



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