Moon Collective x In4mation Nu'uanu

We recently collaborated with our old friends at In4mation. The goal was to create a shop tee for the beloved Chinatown shop location. It's one of our first accounts and a place where we held various art shows and have made good memories. If you're in Honolulu check out In4mation Nu'uanu for our most recent long sleeves and tees. We made a small batch, so we hope you all can grab one. Much love and appreciation, thank you. 

In4mation Nu'uanu

1154 Nuuanu Ave,
Honolulu, HI 96817

Photo Credit:

Melanie Tjoeng
Malisa Kuch

Moon Collective 236 Pop Up

Last week a group of creatives and friends from the Bay Area came together for a collaborative endeavor of good products and great times. Here is a little recap of the pop up event hosted by Barry Li at his gallery in the heart of the Tenderloin, SPACE236. Beautiful art by the Black Mail team adorned the walls while friends and honest goods graced the floors.

Thank you Barry for hosting and providing such a beautiful and welcoming venue. And thank you to all the brands and friends who turned up in full force to enjoy a cold beer with us! - Brennen Cunningham

(Moon Collective, Handsome Oxford, Oakland Surf Club, Leisure Rules, Cool Try, SummerLand Ceramics, Majick Color, Good Mother, Scout Leather Co., Kens Goods)

Mark & Ryan's Birthday's also!

Shlohmo x Gucci Mane

In light of the Alabama-born rapper’s 36th birthday, Shlohmo took to Soundcloud to reveal his melancholic, low-beat remix of Gucci Mane’s “Hot!” Taken from one of Gucci’s earlier albums, Murder Was The CaseShlohmo has done well to retain the song’s notable trap elements and fuse it with his unique “chopped and screwed” production style. Having been noted for his affiliation to remixing trap music, it will be interesting to see what the Californian producer has up his sleeve next. Enjoy the latest release below.


Feature: Shawna X

Shawna X is a visual designer & artist from Portland, OR and currently living in NYC. Her vibrant and clean style has been described as dreamlike, seductive and mysterious. She injects her aesthetic into various branding and product design projects, and is an adjunct at Parsons School of Design.

Shawna and I briefly attended University together before I moved back to San Francisco. Our friendship blossomed after we both graduated and began to create art more intently. We have both shown at several group shows together and I continue to curate exhibitions with her work included. Nowadays as we live worlds apart, our slender interactions are shared through brief emails and phone calls about creative goals, upcoming milestones and, but of course, consequences of having tiger moms growing up.

Over the last few years, Shawna has become well known in the art and design community. She creates very quality work as she's weaves through both worlds. I am always amazed by her progress and how she continues to push the boundaries of her style/work. I'm proud to call her a friend. Check out her amazing work below. 

IG: @shawnax
Shop: Badboynicegirl

FW15 Studio Shoot

A recap of our favorite shots from our Moon Collective Fall Winter 2015 delivery. The color backgrounds inspired by the changing autumn leaves and paired with pastels hue. Even the color choices of our shirts and hoodies are represented by the changing season. As a new and tiny brand, we're still figuring out our voice, portraying our vision and smoothing out the continual hiccups along the way. We busted our buttz and broke the bank to create what we love to see. In my opinion, our best season yet. Like all growing things, we hope to only get better with time and age. Many thanks to everyone who helped out this season. Thx Steven, Anya, Chris, Andrew, Rechung, Mel, & IN4M.

Watch: Spring Summer 15 Reflection Video

The short video A Hymn to Selene is in collaboration with our good friend Matt Ching. Strongly influenced by his psychedelic aesthic and the greek myth, Selene. She is known as the goddess of the moon, riding her moon chariot across the heavensThe etymology of Selene is uncertain, but if the name is of Greek origin, it is likely connected to the word selas, meaning "light". Thank you to Matt for your hours of editing and Mitzi for your lovely self. 

A Hymn to Selene. from Moon Collective on Vimeo.

Guest Artists: Louis Trinh

Louis Trinh is a photographer and friend based out of Los Angeles, California. My first memory of Louis was a few years ago during a evening of heavy drinking and smoking. Someone sloppily called him and demanded a hefty McDonalds late night order. The conversation was like a typical ransom call, short, direct and quite bossy. A hour had gone by and soon everyone forgot about that phone call until the door bell rang. There Louis was, with a gentle grin and McDonalds in hand. That night was a blur but I will always remember that moment clearly, strange.

Louis and I became better friends shortly after an afternoon stroll in New York City months after the McDonalds situation. We spoke about our ambitious creative careers and the romantic idea of moving to the Big Apple. However, he stayed in LA and I moved to Honolulu. Since those days we've kept in touch whenever possible and cheered one another on as our paths unfolded.

I've been a fan of his photography for some time now. He started at a young age, watching his dad experiment with film cameras and eventually shooting for himself. Around then, like a wise baby man he was, Louis realized that photography could also be enjoyed outside the realm of business. 

Louis is able to capture the beauty and stillness of each moment. The colors and movements are so lovely. His style and voice carries through every set, from his urban environments to his nature escapes photos. To me, he is a wise observer waiting for the perfect time to speak, waiting for the perfect photo. 

I owe you a drunken fast food date. 

"A persistent observer, and a spirit for the outdoors are infused in each of Trinh's photographs of people and places. His natural forms in neatly packed compositions combined with cool delivery are a bliss for the advertising and layout editor."

Louis Trinh:

Watch: Planetary Collective

"We are in the midst of a global crisis of perspective. We have forgotten the undeniable truth that everything is connected. PLANETARY is a provocative and breathtaking wakeup call, a cross continental, cinematic journey, that explores our cosmic origins and our future as a species. PLANETARY is a poetic and humbling reminder that it's time to shift our perspective. PLANETARY asks us to rethink who we really are, to reconsider our relationship with ourselves, each other and the world around us - to remember that: we are PLANETARY." - P.C.

from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

Feature: Brogan Bentley

"Seldom has a producer crafted a record as well-rounded and aware of the condition of atmospheric electronic music as Brogan Bentley’s The Snake. Bentley is one of a Stones Throw-affiliated Leaving Records’ recent signees and traverses the seas of drum and bass, trippy R&B grooves and hushed vocals. The Snake is akin to the beautiful sounds of Shlohmo and Caribou; comparisons that are not to be taken lightly, but will eerily confuse your brain in wonderful ways."

- Pigeon & Planes

Brogan Bentley

Directed by Matthew Ching aka Nebula Nasty. 


Guest Artist: Aron Luangphinith

Recently, I was introduced to photographer Aron Luangphinith by my friend Rechung. I soon became mesmerized by his 
style of capturing his new home. This was our conversation together. 

Who are you, friend? 
My name is Aron Luangphinith and I was born and raised in Hawaii, USA. I graduated from the University of Hawaii
with a B.A. in Art Studio and a focus in drawing and sculpture, while dabbling with photography on the side.

How did you start photography? 
My passion for photography really took off when I made the move to Japan which has been one of my goals
since I can remember.  Now working in Tokyo and living in Saitama, my life in Japan has opened so many doors
and pushed me to become an aspiring photographer.

Is solely using your camera phone a conscious decision? 

Just using an iPhone and other creative photo outlets, such as Instagram and VSCO cam, I realized that in this day
and age, one can really grow into an artist and further polish their craft.  I'm thankful how accessible and fun this
new generation of art can be.  It really inspired me to grow and put myself out there in terms of expressing and
sharing my work. I've met so many other great artists and creative like-minded people along the way that have
taught me so much and helped me believe in my photography. 

Totally  agreed. It's so crazy how many awesome people you meet over the internet and instagram.
I've experience that from my last visit to NYC last week.

What was moving to a different country like, especially Japan?

Moving to Tokyo has definitely changed my whole perspective on life.  Whether that be culture, food, nightlife, people,
and definitely fashion. Especially coming from Hawaii, I have literally been put into a whole new realm of senses.
Surprisingly, I have learn about a whole new side to Japan that I never knew about until experiencing it for myself.
Such as: it's actually very affordable to live here; the fashion in Tokyo is hand-served to them, so actually you see
a lot of the same thing everywhere; the quality of everything is impeccable; and the rice is beyond amazing.

Lastly, how has living in Japan influenced your art? 

Most of the things I take pictures of are everyday little details of this ever-changing city. Like the maze of streets that
have a mind and personality of their own, the seasonal plants and flowers that really have a nice balance with the busy
city life, the crazy amounts of people going to and from, and every picturesque meal.  Living here for more than a year
and a half, I still feel incredibly new to the country and I am so excited to see what else it has in store for me.

Please visit Aron's work:


Melanie in Morocco

Our pal Mel, sent us a few photos from her trip to Morocco with Risa. How magical these blue buildings are. One day, I hope to visit and walk down these dreamy alley ways.

Doing a little bit of detective work I found out that, Sephardi Jews coated each building and house with this beautiful cool shade of blue as a sign of divinity. This color is believed to be sacred in Judaism. However, others believe that this specific hue repels flies and other insects. Interesting on both accounts. 

- Ben


Indoor Camping

This past winter in the bay area, I finally had the opportunity to work Julian Edward. I have been a fan of his photography and his work ethic for some time now. He approached me with the concept of creating a playful indoor camping scene within his photography studio. So with that in mind, we spent the next week sketching out ideas, and looking for props that could add the to scenes we played out in our head. 

The three vibrant backdrops represent the three main cycles of the sun; morning, day and night. The morning symbolizes our mind awaking and preparation for day, the day symbolizes our journey and work, and lastly, the night is our time for reflection and rest.  

Thank you: Bryan Berry for video documenting this entire process. The lovely Kaitlin Fitzpatrick for honoring us with her radiant presence and embodying the spirit of this concept. Finally, Julian Edward for all his help to make this happen. Hope to make some amazing work with you guys in the future

- Ben


 A few behind the scene shots. 


Early Spring Capsule

Last sunday afternoon, I broke away from my usual routine to hang out with my pal silent John. Don't let the title of silent fool you, he's got plenty of words to share. We met up with a few skaters to shoot some of our new products. The hours following, I watched these guys all the while the sky performed a beautiful light show for us.  Thank you to John, Conor, Alec, Max and the rest of the boys for their help. I appreciate you guys letting me hang around and shoot.

- Ben

Moon Collective in the Vatican.

I was twenty years old super excited and also very stupid. I booked my flight to land in Rome when my program was located in Florence. Instead of planning to stay in a hostel before my dormitory became available, I reserved an eerie camp spot far out of town. Nothing was worst than the initial sense of terror which over came me once the plane landed.

I spent the next week wondering the streets of Rome, looking for places to sleep and playing tourist. I didn't know a single soul and I realized this was probably the first time I had ever I felt this way. I was in a constant state of ecstasy and panic, rolling plenty of cigarettes and smashing down pizzas. That summer, I saw the beauty of another world, met some amazing people and still to this day I draw inspiration for those frantic, but lovely days.

This photo set was taken by our friend Mel. She spent the day with Risa, walking around the Vatican. Looking lost and at peace like I did many years ago. 

- Ben

Hound & Quail

For our past winter season 2014, Melanie and I curated a photo shoot in the new Hound & Quail located in Chinatown, Honolulu. As someone who is always looking for inspiration, this shop is a gem. You'll find items ranging from perfectly aged American flags, mysterious painted portraits, to the bones of unrecognizable creatures. I knew this would be a lovely backdrop to our shoot. Many thanks to our good pals Travis and Mark for having us.

"Welcome to our shop and gallery in Honolulu called Hound and Quail. Started in early 2011 by Mark Pei and Travis Flazer. We are the former owners of Area, a mid-century furniture shop in Honolulu’s chinatown. H & Q is a place where we collect vintage and unusual items from Hawaii, the mainland, and around the world. Inspired by the small shops of Tokyo and Amsterdam, it’s a cozy place to browse the unusual. The Outpost is our basement event space used for art shows, wine and art classes, and a variety of amazing shows." - Hound & Quail.

Melanie Tjoeng

Melanie Tjoeng is an Australian photographer currently based in Honolulu, Hi. The first time we hung out was for a photo shoot on the North Shore. Before we left a couple blocks of her apartment, she nervously asked if we could return back to her place to check if the toaster was still on. I nervously agreed, as I too am a forgetful person who enjoys toast. 

Since that point on, Mel and I have been very close friends. I credit her with curating the visual aesthetic of our brand. She has a wonderful way of posing models and capturing the moment with such ease and elegance. Her photos are dream-like and mystical, perhaps it's because she embodies that magic.

Both our spirit animals are elderly grandmothers and you can probably catch one of us eating a spring roll at any point of the day. My fondest memories of Mel are hanging out in her Chinatown loft and conversing about goals, our upbringing and what lays ahead in the future. Thank you Mel for everything, best of luck in your travels.

- Ben

Black Friday Photos.

On Black Friday, Manifest Honolulu, was kind enough to offer there venue as a trunk show for Moon Collective. We took the opportunity to make paper life size teepees as well as curating the space to feel like our own. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, helped during the set up, an our dear friend Songki Park for the awesome photographs. Check out the event below.

Dieter says.

10. Good design is as little design as possible. 

Shanel by Mancy.

Mancy is a very talented photographer from Oakland, California. He has worked on our past two seasons to help us curate the look and feel of Moon Collective. On this specific shoot, he has spent the day with the lovely Shanel to collect these dreamy images. Thank you Mancy for all your work, much love and respect friend. Please check out his portfolio and literature at thankyoufortheflowers.




Moon Lookbook pt. IIII

This is phase 4 of our video series. It features our friend, Conor Mcgovern of treevision. Many thanks Conor for taking the time to hang with us and shoot the final video of our series.

Directed by Matt Ching
Cinematography: Matt Ching & Brandon Ells
VFX & Editing: Matt Ching
Skater/Model: Conor McGivern
Song: 25 Lighters by DJ DMD Matthew David Remix of



Check out our
tumblr to see our inspirations and photo shoots. 

Interview with The Offsetter

James Cave, of the Offsetter, interviewed us about Moon Collective and our recent art show at BoxJelly. We are appreciative for the opportunity to share a few words about our company. The full article can be found here.

The show is the product of Moon Collective, a mysterious brand who has landed into town as if from a tractor beam in a cornfield, and the spotlight is following them around. When our Instagram feed, which is normally full of the latest in San Lorenzo bikini fashions, started filling with pictures of people wearing black t-shirts with the word “MOON” emblazoned across the chest like this: “M <o> <o> N” — we were intrigued. Then there were Moon hats on the heads of basically everyone in Chinatown, and it was like we’d learned a new word that suddenly everybody was saying.

It turns out Moon Collective is not extra terrestrial, but the product of Ben King, a recent San Francisco ex-pat and, with his Moon Collective team, the the official art curator for The Box Jelly in Kakaako. Here are questions we asked King, mixed with images from Psychedelic Research Team, which is on view through August.

JC: What is Moon Collective-Are you a clothing brand or art curator, & what brought you to Honolulu?

BK: Moon Collective is a clothing brand inspired by skateboarding, design, folklore, earth and space. Our aesthetic is simple and clean. Our name is derived from our neighbor, the Moon. It has such an importance on us humans, the tides, and the growth of all living things. It’s our guiding light in the dark. Yet on the other hand, the moon is something that we often neglect and forget. It’s something we notice in the evening sky but don’t pay much homage too. In essence, the name Moon is about the concept of balance.

At the time of my move, I was burnt out from my job, the daily routine, and living in a cold city. The idea of living in Hawaii had always been a dream of mine. Simultaneously, Moon Collective had just began and I seemed more in love working on that than my day job. I felt moving here would offer me a different perspective and inspiration that could help me develop the company. It only seemed right to follow what I had always longed for. I sold many of my possessions, quit my job, and moved to Honolulu.

Scott Cooper

What do you hope to achieve in Honolulu/what does success mean for you?

During my stay, I want to learn everything I can about this land and culture. I want to make friends, start cool projects and do things I wouldn’t be able to do in the mainland. Success to me is making a living doing what you love. Nonetheless, creating a positive force and awareness around changing the environment is also something intertwined with anything I create or do.

What does Honolulu's art/creative scene need that Moon Collective can provide?

Honolulu has a strong creative community. This is something I return to the mainland proudly sharing. Most of our best collaborations have been with local friends and artists here. I hope that Moon Collective can work towards bringing these artists together and providing them an outlet to display their artwork and vision. I enjoy supporting people who want to follow their dreams or at least try to. I haven’t mastered anything yet but I will try my  best.

Kamran Samimi

How many people are involved in Moon?

Moon Collective consists of a very small hardworking team. Everyone involved is kind-hearted and has a specific skill which they excel at. I will forever be grateful for their dedication and their belief that Moon Collective will evolve into something great.

Chelsea Wong

What is your art/curation background?

Upon graduation, I began an art collective with a friend of mine from Hawaii called PAL, Poor Artist League. We wanted to show and sell reasonably priced art work from talented friends in San Francisco. In the beginning, we curated shows in our apartment living room and all throughout our bedrooms. We cleared out all the furniture and hung massive group shows. Eventually, we found places to do pop up gallery shows. We always had fun because we worked hard and pushed friends to make art.

Melanie Tjoeng

What are your hopes as art curator for Box Jelly? What are some things you're thinking about where art is concerned in that space?

Box Jelly is a rad co-working space where all types of businesses and creatives come to work during the day. I hope to continue to curate awesome art shows and bring attention to this wonderful space. It would be nice to see young creatives working here side by side and also potentially showing here as well. I think only good can come from artists gathering together to work. For now, the general idea is organize themed group shows with half the artist from mainland/aboard and the other half from Hawaii. Once I settle in, I would like to do more solo shows and installations.

Why do a group show, versus a more selective show with 3 or 4 artists? 

I decided to do a bigger group show in order to display the vast styles and mediums of artists. I also wanted to draw in a crowd to get people excited about young artists and low brow art.

Neilson Ishida

What is the idea behind the psychedelic show?

Psychedelic Research Team is a phrase I use to describe our Moon Collective team. The most direct explanation is experimenting with psychedelics in order to achieve a certain degree of enlightenment or manifestation of the mind. For me, I see psychedelic research as spending time alone in nature away from technology and the everyday noise. Time to reflect and become whole again. I wanted the artists to create their own definition of psychedelic research either through their own process or final piece.

Matt Honda

Shawna Huang

Andi Charuk

Moon Lookbook pt. III

This is phase 3 of our video series. It features the lovely and beautiful, Alexandra Butterbaugh. Many thanks to Alex for braving through the cold and getting into those mysterious waters. Thanks for all your help Matt, Brandon, Ramsey & Alex.

Directed by Nebula Nasty (Matt Ching)
Cinematography: Matt Ching & Brandon Ellis
VFX & Editing: Matt Ching
Model: Alexandra Butterbaugh

Moon Lookbook pt. II

This is phase 2 of our video series. It features Christian Yeager from the North Shore. He is a terrific surfer, and an all around gentleman. Many thanks for all your help Matt, Mel, Andi & Christian! Beautifully shot by Matt Ching.

Directed by Matt Ching
Cinematography: Matt Ching & Brandon Ellis
VFX & Editing: Matt Ching
Model: Christian Yeager

Moon Lookbook pt. I

We collaborated with our talented and sweet friend, Matt Ching, to create our first video lookbook series. The videos are broken into four clips to represent the four main phases of the moon. Many thanks for all your help Matt, Mel & Ocean.

Directed by Nebula Nasty (Matt Ching)
Cinematography: Matt Ching
VFX & Editing: Matt Ching
Model: Ocean Hay


This is Ocean Hay. She is a kind hearted person and awesome to work with. We met on Easter Sunday at our secret spot. The weather was terrible that day, so the four of us worked quickly to finish what we had set out to capture. In between each shot, we talked about our individual projects, moving and the desire for smoothies. Despite the on and off weather, we had a wonderful day.

Beautifully shot by Melanie Tjoeng 


B Girl Terra is amazing, please take a couple minutes and watch.


This is Prie Falaniko, he is a rapper from Honolulu, Hawaii. I met Prie a few months ago on a quiet friday afternoon. He came over with a mutual friend, and almost immediately I began to bombard him with questions about his rap career. He was open-minded to my curiosity and answered everything humbly. We spent the rest of the day just driving around town and listening to him freestyle in the car.  

Beautifully shot by Melanie Tjoeng 





A teaser video in collaboration with our kind and handsome friend, Christian Yeager. Please stay tuned for our full length video.


Some of our new products.