Melanie in Morocco

Our pal Mel, sent us a few photos from her trip to Morocco with Risa. How magical these blue buildings are. One day, I hope to visit and walk down these dreamy alley ways.

Doing a little bit of detective work I found out that, Sephardi Jews coated each building and house with this beautiful cool shade of blue as a sign of divinity. This...

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Indoor Camping

This past winter in the bay area, I finally had the opportunity to work Julian Edward. I have been a fan of his photography and his work ethic for some time now. He approached me with the concept of creating a playful indoor camping scene within his photography studio. So with that in mind, we spent the next week sketching out ideas, and looking for props that...

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Early Spring Capsule

Last sunday afternoon, I broke away from my usual routine to hang out with my pal silent John. Don't let the title of silent fool you, he's got plenty of words to share. We met up with a few skaters to shoot some of our new products. The hours following, I watched these guys all the while the sky performed a beautiful light show for us.  Thank you...

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Moon Collective in the Vatican.

I was twenty years old super excited and also very stupid. I booked my flight to land in Rome when my program was located in Florence. Instead of planning to stay in a hostel before my dormitory became available, I reserved an eerie camp spot far out of town. Nothing was worst than the initial sense of terror which over came me once the plane landed.

I spent the next week...

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Hound & Quail

For our past winter season 2014, Melanie and I curated a photo shoot in the new Hound & Quail located in Chinatown, Honolulu. As someone who is always looking for inspiration, this shop is a gem. You'll find items ranging from perfectly aged American flags, mysterious painted portraits, to the bones of unrecognizable creatures. I knew this would be a lovely backdrop to our shoot. Many...

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